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Founded in 1978 by Master Falconer and Veterinary Technician John Karger, Last Chance Forever is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey, scientific investigation, and also just as importantly, the education of the public. Each year the project receives between 150-300 birds into the facility for care. An average of 65-80% of all cases are successfully returned to nature. Birds which are deemed non-releasable and are not suffering when possible are held to be placed in propagation projects, natural science centers for educational purposes, or humane research projects.

In addition to properly caring for the birds, Last Chance Forever has designed an educational program for presentation to children, civic organizations and interested individuals. This program is seen by over 500,000 people annually throughout the United States. It promotes a common sense attitude towards the interaction of mankind and our environment. Through this program, we also hope to encourage a change in attitudes concerning birds of prey such as hawks, owls, falcons, vultures and eagles.

Although we are not the only conservation or environmental organization in the US, we are part of a small group who actually give service to these birds. While Last Chance Forever primarily receives and cares for birds of prey, all wildlife is given assistance. Animals other than birds of prey are sent on to qualified organizations.

The project does realize there are problems concerning the birds and their relationship to mankind. Admittedly, there are hawks who kill chickens and eagles who kill sheep. All L.C.F. asks is that an entire species not be murdered for the problems of a few. Prior to 1971, a bounty was paid for shooting a hawk. Today we know that was a mistake. The benefit of having these birds is much greater than not. If for no other reason we should save them for the single fact that they are, early warning indicators of our ecological health. Mankind is here to be the shepherd of the Earth, not the destroyer. We should look at the problems of life from all sides and design a working solution that will benefit all. Life on Earth is like a wheel-- all of the spokes must be in place or the wheel collapses. Diversity of species is important for the survival of all species. As human beings living on this Earth, we have the right to use it, yet we are obligated to conserve it for future generations.

For more information about Last Chance Forever, birds of prey or our educational program, please call or email info@lastchanceforever.org.

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