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As founder and Executive Director of Last Chance Forever, The Bird of Prey Conservancy, John Anthony Karger is responsible for the overall operation of the organization. He is a Master Falconer, Certified Veterinary Technician, and recipient of a Bio-engineering behavior certification from Southwest Research Institute. He holds wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, and educational permits to care for and teach about native wildlife including endangered species. His educational background is in the wildlife and veterinary sciences.

For over 30 years, Mr. Karger has been deeply involved in wildlife rehabilitation releasing well over 2000 birds. The impact of his work is national, and international.

His educational programs offered to the public have touched upon well over a million people exposing them to the importance of birds of prey and their living within a healthy ecosystem. These programs are known for their promoting a common sense attitude regarding conservation of our ecosystem. He currently directs and performs an average of threehundred and fifty educational programs annually, reaching an audience of approximately 250,000 people throughout Texas and the United States.

He serves on committees for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mr. Karger has been represented with favorable notice in the print and television media, such as "Good Morning America", “Wild Rescues” on the Discovery Channel, and “Beyond 2000” on the National Geographic Channel. He serves or has served as an advisor to a variety of nature programs for the B.B.C., The Minnesota Raptor Center, The Pueblo Raptor Center, Texas Falconry Advisory Board, and Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical School.

  • Certified Veterinary Technician, certification issued through Texas A&M University and the Texas Veterinary Medical Association

  • Bio-engineering Behavioral Technician certification from Southwest Research Institute
  • 1995 - Star of Texas Preservation - Gillespie County Historical Society

  • 1998 - Conservation Education Award - San Antonio Master Naturalists

  • 1998 - Outstanding Wildlife Educator Award - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Law Enforcement Division

  • 2003 (April) - Cover article in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments magazine

Mr. Karger holds Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and United States Fish and Wildlife Service permits for:
  • Master class Falconer

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of protected wildlife species including the threatened and endangered.

  • Possession of threatened and endangered species for educational purposes.

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