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LCF can use and reuse your Corex/Coroplast campaign signs for years!

A corex sign
Reduce * Reuse * Recycle
is an easy step in common sense conservation. It's an election year, and that means that there are thousands of Corex/Coroplast campaign signs out there! They can go into landfills when you're done with them, or they can be reused. We'd love to have those old signs for dozens of uses at our rehabilitation center. The bigger the signs, the better.

To donate your campaign sign for our use, please call (210) 499-4080 or send email to info@lastchanceforever.org. We'll arrange for one our volunteers to meet you at our center and, if circumstances permit, we can introduce you to one of our ambassador birds.

What does LCF do with campaign signs?

Coroplast is lightweight, flexible, easily cut and formed, cleanable, water resistant and, most importantly, safe to use around the birds.

a falcon sitting over a corex matAt LCF, we use this versatile material in many ways. Small signs are used to modify standard transport kennels so that the large metal mesh that can catch and damage feathers won't create a hazard for birds in transit.

Larger signs make easy-to-clean floor mats for perching birds. Rather than using newspaper once, a sheet of coroplast can be cleaned and reused for a year or more until it becomes brittle.

The largest signs become wall liners and shade screens in the birds' chambers. Keeping chambers clean is extremely important. Raptors are powerful, but they are also very susceptible to airborne pollutants and certain fungi like aspergillus, particularly when confined and convalescing. In particular, aspergillosis, an aspergilla infection, can quickly kill or cripple the lungs of a bird.

Coroplast wall linings are a smooth, white surface which can be effectively scrubbed with simple cleaners. Aside from making the cleaning job easier and reducing the amount of chemicals needed to do the job, it also helps reduce the chances of aspergillus taking root.

LCF can use and reuse your Corex/Coroplast campaign signs for years!

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